Sherman Alexie’s essay “Jason Collins Is the Envy of Straight Men Everywhere”….

… brilliant.

Sherman AlexieIt’s time to just leave homophobia in the dust. This is the century of exposure to everything, every bit of information in the world and so it’s time to understand that we are made uniquely.

And it just boils down to us, the majority heterosexual population not just being okay with this uniqueness being outside of our realm. A large portion of us wish to belong so much that we ostracize the other smaller group. Why? I have no idea.

What troubles me the most, perhaps, that people have no problem accepting certain differences among the human population. Take learning, for example: we have no problem accepting that some people just are visual learners, or audio learners or those that learn by reading and retaining. Yet, we can’t accept that some people are homosexual? Where’s the logic behind that?

Alexie’s Esssay

Definitely worth the read. It really makes the inequality look pathetic, in a humorous and honest way.

A few quotables from the great writer:

“How do I react to these sexual advances? My first thought is “Men are boundaryless animals.” My second thought is “Women have to deal with this shit all the time.” My third thought is “How flattering.” My fourth thought is “I wish this dude hitting on me was cuter.”

“And there’s the rub: When we’re talking about professional athletes, we are mostly talking about males passionately admiring the physical attributes and abilities of other males. It might not be homosexual, but it certainly is homoerotic.” 

“So I’ve been eating better and exercising more because I, the basketball player who loves vaginas, want to be sexually objectified by women. And men. Truly, when it comes down to it, don’t we all want to be universally desired?”

Well done Mr. Alexie. 

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