Poems from April 2015 Poetry Challenge

1. Memorizing Rilke, Reciting Mallorme
2. On The Right Side Of A Postcard
3. One Tragedy
4. Scenes Of A Side Table
5. Sidewalk Swimming
6. Clouds The Sky
7. Now, New Years Things
8. And On The Day After Christmas
9. eso y esto y tu
10. Pulse
11. Arcadians
12. Untitled Ashes
13. Retrograde Compassion
14. It’s Serious Business To Know Who You Are
15. Corners (after F. O’Hara)

Poems from 2017 ‘Hyperlinked Poems’ Series

Living On

“Let’s stay put / with grace. Or go on and on without punctuation

Counting Little Explosions

“All this mist / All this mutter / I won’t know the gifts you dreamed you gave me / [So half this heart / Has all the fun]”

The Rome Poem

Another, Then The Rest

Dum V. V. 

Automatic Vultures