how biden won – a letter

Dear Lindsey, Four years ago I wrote you a letter answering a question: how did Donald Trump win the 2016 election? To do so, I scraped together everything I could figure out at the time to provide some kind of rationale. As much as I was writing for you, I was writing for myself. I […]

Data Science Learning Journey – Month #3

Trying to keep some standard to updating these – so this will be the October update. You can find the past two updates by scrolling on the main page of my site here. The last six weeks have definitely had their own learning experience – including my first real “test”, in the form of the […]

october lucidity: a letter

dear future october reader, it’s me – in this october. 2020. i’m sitting on my couch in brooklyn. i just took a test for an online class. maya went apple picking. tomorrow i’ll ride my bike far – maybe 70 miles. it may rain. long bike rides give me time and space to think. it’s […]

The 2020 Election Is (Probably) Over Already

Barring any paradigm-shifting event in the 2020 presidential race (of which there are still months of possibility), I believe the election is already so far tilted that it could be called over and that Donald Trump will win. I’ll explain this below—and why this is sour conclusion has implications well beyond this year. There have […]

February Happenings

I made it a goal this year to write more on this site. I only wrote 7 posts on this site last year, so more should be easier. Yet, I’ve struggled for the first 5+ weeks of this year on formulating a full post. I have a few things brewing that I’d like to finish, […]

2019: In Review

A year ends and a decade with it. I’ve been thinking in the latter terms recently—like in publishing this list of my 100 favorite songs of the decade. But 10 years provides a whole lot more reflection than does one, even if this one had a lot happen. The decade started out in my senior […]

My Favorite 100 Songs Of The Decade

About a year ago, I started putting a playlist together of what I thought were the best songs of the decade. It was about 4 songs for the first eight months, forgotten about. I can’t remember why I started and I don’t remember why I switched it to being ‘favorite’ songs (a distinction that matters […]