Pearl Jam And The Power Of Redemption

I want to tell you a story about my favorite band, Pearl Jam. It’s a story I’ve thought a lot about. It’s a story of compassion, death, art, redemption, and much more. The story starts on September 29, 1996. The scene is a now-torn-down outdoor stadium on Randalls Island, just outside Manhattan. The stadium holds […]

“I Ached For My Heart Like Some Tin Man”

Gregory Alan Isakov’s masterpiece“The Stable Song”       Lyrics: remember when our songs where just like prayers. like gospel hymns that you called in the air. come down come down sweet reverance, unto my simple house and ring… and ring. ring like silver, ring like gold ring out those ghosts on the ohio ring […]

Why I Saw Pearl Jam 6x in 2 Weeks

Following a band is exhausting. Or, it can be. Certainly balancing a job while doing it can get serve up some timecrunches. Answering emails with your ears still ringing? It’s tough. In the last two weeks, I’ve followed my favorite band, Pearl Jam, up the west coast — from San Diego to Vancouver — and […]

The Hold Steady (still) almost kills me….

From their first album Almost Killed Me — track 10 ‘Killer Parties’: If they ask why we left in the first place.  Say we were young and we were so in love.  I guess we just needed space.  We heard about this place they called the United States. Youtube link:   There’s nothing to wind […]

The Hold Steady – Certain Songs

The lyrics here are just astounding. From Craig Finn & Co’s first album: i guess you’re old enough to know. kids out on the west coast are taking off their clothes. screwing in the surf and going out to shows. they get high and ride around in gtos. i guess you’re old enough to know. certain […]