Untitled Ashes

waiting hours for mirrors.
walking hours along pacific shores.
sun of nicotine
sinking expressions caterwauling off waves
the fonts are lovenaked again. we spell
distraction each time we identify
cruel catacombs. tears are lillywhites burned.
untitled ash.

history feeds rust.
victories in gardens, along capes, dug trenches,
in stores, dotted on maps,
in breaths brought rewind to bring the dead back into living.
untitled ash.

we plundered after we pined
pined after we learned
learned after we touched.
costs are too bright to identify until darkness sets in.
at peace, confessions are elastic. loins long.
untitled ash.

orphaned upon stage
Orleans born again
a small ship capsizes in your distance. forget your humming
bird ends. the mirror is finally here. you look and see back.
untitled ash.

April [12/15]