Writing Projects & Updates

Updates-updatesI wanted to capture a moment here on my blog and sort out some new thoughts on writing.

To start, I’ve now completed a project that took nearly 14 months: the writing and publishing of an eBook on nomadic travel (what I did from 2012-2015). The book, called The 9 to 5 Nomad, is on Amazon now (link here) and clocks in at about 91 pages written out.

It’s a collection of things I learned over my years of travel:

  • How to plan travel
  • Where to Go, Where to Stay, How Long to Stay For
  • How to limit your expenses in doing all of that travel
  • Making the most of the whole experience.

In addition, it also details what I’ve learned about online work productivity, including:

  • Building your own organization system
  • What apps/sites to use
  • Being hyperproductive
  • Being safe
  • Physical Equipment and Wi-fi around the world

And each of those sections has a lot more.

Super happy to have it done and find some completion to that project. A big thanks to those who pushed me to get the thing done, even when I lost some momentum and changed up my own lifestlye in the process.

Next steps are deciding about investments in marketing this. Do I leave it be or do I really put some words behind it and try to sell? We’ll see!


Now that that project has finished, I have some time to dive into what’s next. I have a lot on my reading list, of course, but my recent travels have also spun a new idea for a writing project.

What that would entail would be a personal response to Rebecca West’s 1930s travel memoir Black Lamb and Grey Falcon. West’s book is her travels through Yugoslavia; providing a rich background on the region and the current tensions it found itself in. She does this through a long trip through the region, recording her movements with her husbands and the people she encounters along the way.

I read the first half of her book while I was traveling through the same countries West does in that half (Croatia and Bosnia). Her book is magnificent and engaging. So I don’t want to deconstruct that in any aggressive way.

BUT, so much has happened in that region since 1939. It looks so different from West’s days and no one has quite tapped into that change from the angle of a response to one of the English speaking world’s most popular Yugoslavia travelogue.

So I want to write some of the updates since then (WWII, Tito’s Yugoslavia, and the Wars of Independence, just to name a few). And in doing so, I’ll also examine West’s own work as a piece of literary criticism. And, lastly, just as West did, I’ll do this under the linear movement of my own travel in this region.

And that’s the idea. To make a book out of that.

So how does that project start? Well I don’t know but it’s now next on the writing docket and time to dive in.

More updates soon!

And how about a picture or two!

plitvice waterfalls

mostar bridge