Peter Sagal’s Moth Story ‘Keep Going’

This one is worth a listen or two. Peter Sagal, a radio host, breaks down a story of overcoming adversity.

His story is set against two backgrounds — his own divorce and the environment that has created AND his agreement to help a visually impaired man run the Boston Marathon.

Both are significant, but the latter background is what really makes the story special. For one, the adversity of running the country’s hardest and most famous marathons. And, as you start to suspect as the story carries on, it happened to be that Boston Marathon that this story takes place during. Yep, that one.

Sagal is a storyteller, so he understands that these situations need to mirror each other. He does this well and he centers it around the Churchill quote that people love to repeat, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

It’s one of the better Moth story sessions you’ll hear.

It’s also one of the more common quotes you’ll hear, too. But what does that really mean?

Churchill, of course, held his power during a time of war in the world. He saw a lot of hell, his soldiers saw more of it. The hell would end, he hoped.

The question, then, is if the quote can hold a universal status. I doubt it. Some people continue to go through hell, or else choose to define it differently. And that, instead, might be where the quote comes in to be useful. If you’re going through hell, change your mind — or change your idea of hell.

It gets better if you maintain your positivity, perhaps.

That’s not necessarily Sagal’s point here — his is of a more basic inspiration. Let’s keep going on with and through the difficult things we face. His race partner did it, and, as you find out, it made a significant impact on his life and his partner’s. It also presents another “hell” that people can hopefully get past — the horror of people trying to end others’ lives. We must move past that, but move past it by changing, by growing, by loving.

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