Is ‘A Cambrian Explosion in AI’ Coming? And What Does That Mean?

Wow, that was a great read.

I saw him speak in Chicago a few months back. Really intelligent guy and a good speaker. Had a lot of interesting points about the future of technologies and how disruptive they’ll be across so many industries. (He was also the one that encouraged Chicagoans in the startup scene to “focus on technology, not coupons” which was a great knock at Groupon).

I think he’s right. It’s coming. His points are too hard not to imagine happening.

It’s interesting to even use the language of “assistant” when dealing with AI like that. It’s not really an assistant, but an assist-or. It’s non-human, so there’s no need to classify it as an assistant (a singular being that assists) — and it will really be able to do anything you want. I wonder if “assistant” will continue to exist with robots.

the other thing that this made me wonder about is my own preferences. My own preferences are built so around convenience I’ve experienced before. I like shoe shopping on Zappos because it’s seamless and I can return things if I don’t like them. One way brands are able to grow is by offering new routes on these conveniences which build loyalty. If AI is making that all seamless (in which it stores certain preferences), do we even differentiate with preference anymore? How does a robot take marketing into account?

Communication is going to be so interesting later on. Like right now, ZAs can have TONS of info on their client. A lot of actions can be executed by the ZA on behalf of their client. BUT, sometimes things arent communicating effectively enough (which can happen to the fault of either side) and an action is not executed properly, or executed at all. With AI, we’ll face the same challenge. You’ll have to communicate quite precisely. People will need training in that. It’ll change our lexicon forever.

Lots of thoughts on this one. I think a “cambrian” explosion is certainly possibly, especially as robots can learn from each other. Where does that first start to take hold? Consumers? Big business? Public safety? What’s going to be the big project that uses robots (not robotics, but actually tangible robots that act, or can act with the ability to learn) and breaks through the mold?

So many exciting unsolved problems about the future. What’s our place in that future? I have no idea.