Learningz, December 31

Happy last day of 2013 Zeople!

Here’s some last Learningz articles for the year….some that may help you with self-improvement projects in 2014, or resolutions, or just to keep living on as you are!

Article on focusing on “days” instead of the year — https://medium.com/think-different-think-stupid/c6ce326612c8

Our very own +Joanna Cohen wrote an article about not making resolutions this year, and just knowing that you where you’re supposed to be: https://medium.com/resolutions-2013/c71e629c2749

Looking for a more productive year? Check this article out: http://www.forbes.com/sites/actiontrumpseverything/2013/12/29/if-your-new-years-resolution-is-to-get-more-done-heres-the-best-way-to-do-it/

Cheers & here’s to a happy & healthy 2014 Zeeps!!