I am the current Head of Learning at Zirtual.

Zirtual is a Las Vegas based (and funded) personal assistant company that is looking to change the way that we work.

And we’ve done a pretty good job getting started.

You can read more about Zirtual here.

You can check out my daily installment of Learningz — a self-inspiration type learning post that I send out each day here.

You can read more of my thoughts on Zirtual and the work we’re doing through my blogposts. Or, feel free to check out the Zirtual Blog for some words from others in the company.

If you’re interested in an invite to start working with your own Zirtual Assistant, leave a comment here and I’ll help you out!

Some Zirtual press:

Zirtual Raises $2M From Mayfield, Tony Hsieh To Match Professionals With Virtual Executive Assistants (TechCrunch, January 2013)

Please Stop Complaining About How Busy You Are (Harvard Business Review, September 2013)