Learningz, August 27

August 27, 2013:

Had a few folks let me know that yesterday’s Learningz was insightful, SO, I’m going to theme this week a bit.

We’ll look at some other Quora posts.

Quora is a Q & A site that allows experts and others to answer users questions. There’s some really great crowdsourced question and answers, and I’d encourage you all to check it out.

Here’s a great one on how to beat procrastination!


There’s an impulsive baby reptile in your brain, and unfortunately he has the steering wheel. If you can be a good parent to him he’ll mostly do what you say, and serve you well. Just remember who’s in charge.

Learningz, August 26

August 26, 2013:

Happy Monday Zeople!

Came across this Quora post sometime last week and wanted to share it with you all.

The question: What is the most important life lesson that you have learned up to this point?


Some really, really great lessons in there.

I found myself thinking about the comic with the camel for quite some time. Our society sometimes  really does just look for ways to point out things others are doing “wrong”, when any way could be the wrong way depending on how you look at it.

So, lesson: be positive. Encourage others!

Learningz, July 29

July 29, 2013:

Great article today from Forbes on the cross between mindfulness and the education system.

How Yoga Could Help Keep Kids In School


I actually think that while the title is catchy it’s a bit misleading….Here’s more of an overview of the project:

Therefore, Bose and his colleagues have done what are also beginning to, combining movement and mindfulness into one program, called Transformative Life Skills (TLS), which incorporates elements of movement, attention training and relaxation skills. The 18-week program can be introduced to schools relatively cheaply. The research so far has shown that it can be extremely helpful in helping kids reduce levels of negative thinking, negative affect, revenge motivation, depression, emotional arousal, physical arousal, rumination, perceived-stress, attitudes toward violence; and it’s been associated with greater levels of self-control, tolerance for distress, and school engagement.

Learningz, July 24

July 24, 2013:

Hey Zeople!

Great article on our role in making ideas, videos and articles go viral.

Did you know that there is a part of your brain that decides whether an idea is worth passing on to your friends?

This Is Your Brain On Viral Ideas


Learningz, July 20

July 20, 2013:

Another interesting article coming at ya!

This one is for the history buffs, the nutrition buffs and anyone interested in unique correlations.

How Adding Iodine To Salt Resulted In A Decade’s Worth Of IQ Gains For The United States


Some more reading too… The Flynn Effecthttp://www.princeton.edu/~achaney/tmve/wiki100k/docs/Flynn_effect.html


Learningz, July 22

July 22, 2013:

3D printing is an exciting new technology that has gotten some major headlines lately.

I thought this article was really interesting in terms of what the (not so far) future could hold for 3D printing and when we might see it integrated into everyday life.


Check it out!