Living On | hyperlinked poetry series | #1

Let’s keep living on advices we love. Wrap ourselves In nothing cloths on summer evenings and lie about. Let’s stay put with grace. Or go on and on without punctuation We’ll do the whole damn ceremony without it. And forget prayer. Let’s renew vows in a garbage dump—or fake a break up Over the airport […]

February Challenge Results & Analysis

February began my year of monthly challenges (January was a planning month). I set three goals for myself: meditate for 30 minutes per day, increase my flat-footed squat hold time to 5 minutes, and write (and post) a short story. Below are the results of my challenges, followed by an analysis of these result and what […]

February Challenge Progress [Feb 9th, 2015]

I’m about a third of the way into February and wanted to document the progress on my monthly challenges. The three challenges for February: Writing = write & post one short story Health = hold a flat-footed squat for 5 minutes Lifestyle = 30 minutes of meditation daily So, progress? Writing: I’ve begun writing a story about a […]