AllTheRooms Aggregates Hotel & AirBnb Rentals

There’s a new startup that can help with client work popping up every week, so I try not to post them too often.

This one, however, could be a big help. Have a client who travels but uses both hotels and AirBnb apartment rentals?

AllTheRooms, a new company, is the first to aggregate both of these options into one listing service.

Check it out!!

PS – I wonder if they’re happy with that meme. Seems a little ridiculous for their nice-looking product!


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Surround yourself with good people

Today, happy to see some self-reflection from my good friend, Nate.

I had the pleasure of traveling and working with Nate this year as we traveled around South America and saw his business grow just in those 2 months.

He’s one of the hardest working people I know — dedicated to refusing the charge of having to work all of your life in an office and instead carving your own path, traveling, and doing the kind of work that’s fun and challenging.

Seeing him succeed is so great, and I know he’ll be doing big things in the future.

You can follow him on Twitter here.

nate g facebook

My 12 Homes………

2013 is half over and I just want to thank everyone who has made my travel and happiness possible.

Anyone in the cities mapped below — thank you so much for everything you’ve done, provided and allowed for. I don’t ever want to take this lifestyle for granted and my friends, family and company make it possible.

On to more traveling for the rest of the year!

(2013 places: Chicago (5x), Las Vegas (2x), Philadelphia, Washington DC, Denver (2x), San Francisco (3x), New York City (2x), Santiago, Valparaiso, Cordoba, Buenos Aires, Austin)2013 travel map

2013 with routes

Chile……a few weeks in!

I’ve been travelling internationally for a few weeks now. It feels incredibly refreshing to be back out into lands not yet traveled.

It was certainly an adjustment getting to a foreign city and not wanting to be frolicking through the streets constantly, sightseeing regularly and just generally wandering around all day — and instead be plugging away at work. But, the adjustment was made.

That adjustment started with the simple realization that it’s work that is allowing me to live down here. That I’m no longer a touring person (notice an avoidance of the tourist label) and am living here as I work. There’s a noticeable difference and one that becomes obvious with that realization. So, for most of the day, I work as I normally would (which I’ll get to) and take my free time exploring some new city, in a brand new country. I’m doing this instead of rolling over familiar grounds and it’s a dream come true. It really is.

As a co-worker once told me, he believed everything good came from balance. This is another example, wherein the balance of work and travel is blended and made into each unique day. And it’s come out wonderfully so far, with no disruption to my projects and my work that I love and ample time to wander new cobblestones with fresh feet and take in a new city’s gusts of air.

I’ll also share a few observations. I’ll do my best to mix in the cultural and self observations.

One – Chileans love hot dogs

Two – I love my job

Three – I didn’t know if I’d ever get to a point in my life where I could write out number two and mean it. Guess that happened sooner than later.

Four – Santiago was a cool city, an interesting mix of the South America I had preconceived and a Europe I’ve missed over the years. It will always be my first impression of South America as a whole. Yet, Valparaiso is a much more interesting city, and, in fact, one of the most unique cities I’ve ever been to.

Five – I’ll be back in South America. Soon. Often.

Six – As best as I can, I need to remind myself to write.

Seven – Quick Notes on Chile so far:: Chorilanna is a riduclous meal and concept, Bellavista was my favorite neighborhood in Santiago, coffee with legs is a ridiculous concept too, Lollapalooza was a lot of fun, the Santiago subway is the most developed in SA, Santiago may well be the most developed city, or at least the most stable. The revisionist idea of Pinochet’s legacy in Chile fascinates me. So many hot dogs. So many empanadas though too, yuuuuuummm. Pino is a great, will mis that in Argentina (can’t wait for those empanadas), don’t love the olive though.

Eight – Solvutir ambulando…. So keep walking!