I can do it. That’s enough

Some inspiration for your Friday!This man is 5’5 and has trained enough to be able to dunk a basketball. People told him it was impossible and he just simply didn’t listen. Cool story for sports fans (or not)!http://www.theatlantic.com/video/index/280148/how-a-55-basketball-player-trained-himself-to-dunk/   This was originally posted on May¬†2nd as part of Zirtual’s Learningz page, a community promoting self-improvement, […]

Brittany Griner & Being Yourself

Amazing article from an amazing young lady. ESPNW brings a great story about the world’s best female basketball player (who’s awesome to watch). She’s articulate, strong, and gay. (Added to the fact that she’s dunked twice already this year!) A really impressive young girl entering the peak of her career and having fun doing it. […]