after F. O’Hara i have turned the corner and realized what you mean to me though my heads been caught in lightbulb catastrophe daydreams in some rough seasoned morning. I am always announcing my return before I even leave. Rubies, swift jealousy and moons are small and marvelous. In rain or in snow or in […]

It’s Serious Business To Know Who You Are

The morning splits grey hair. It is not fooling anyone. Not the early spiders collecting daily clues. Not even the figs despite their awkward name in which they feel no glory. We awake, muzzy-minded to find who we are. Crude down eyes see each other. We must again fall in love with the footsteps of […]

Retrograde Compassion

Here is random culture — two sit outside a cafe sun-busted open confetti light upon lilacs. The street curves like a grape. a tall blonde debutante sips with a frenchmen. she bleeds out secrets while he smiles enraptured. the day smells like wood. it must be the million ants chomping away near the fire escape. […]


Eve’s offering with its new name – Evening – built upon waiting things in which it all happens. Heavied eyelids dig up circumstances pirated previous centuries ago. Eve dreams in specific rhythms we have come to know we are obviously always, anyway. The kingdom alarms itself with garden spectres, haunts which snake through sanctuaries. A […]

eso y esto y tu

a rooftop awaits. brickwalled towers enclosed on the hills up there. I await the intensity that you bring softly the storm inside the tomb. These are those more international evenings where we feed our foreign selves in photographs clearer puddles, rooftop puzzles. City passing you by. To be settled in the heart and spree to […]

Clouds The Sky

all ships are eager to isolate. here, where you are secretary to sea cadence — a plaintiff for land down under. And you begin to miss green & spring two things the ocean leaves behind. variations on land heartbeat. Where to roam right away is innocuous enough. Here, one must matronize the sea for any […]

Memorizing Rilke, Reciting Mallarme

Pooling together what we know is first order. We move forward in each others languages or not at all. I am memorizing Rilke, not so far up the shore. You recite Mallarme over my nervous meditation. Together, we are mincing the obtuseness of our genetics, while I down a million heartworms. Later, we can pillage […]

Why People Need Poetry (Stephen Burt’s TED Talk)

I’ve actually said before that this would be a TED talk I’d give. It’s a simple idea that I find to be truth — poetry would help us as a people understand our world, our selves, and our capability to produce and find beauty. I would’ve used different poems, but Burt does a good job […]