July {reflection}

Mid-Year Reflections July was an “off” month on challenges. I determined this back in my January planning phases — as a way to assess the larger goals of my yearlong project and perhaps set a stronger course going forward for the second half of 2015 based on what I learned in the first. I’ve done […]


June has come and gone. It was a great month in sunny Vancouver (and some in Victoria and some in Seattle too). I found myself with time to explore this new city, sit at the beach and the parks, and visits to the cities above—both for the first time. As for my goals, there was mixed success […]


I was just re-reading my post from April’s challenges. April was kind of a month of everything – lots of running around. May was not that. May got simple. I’m set up here in Vancouver and have my own space (a first in four years) and am coming to enjoy the simpler things — having […]

What Does Success Look Like?

Success is a problem. I mean, as a word. It’s a complicated notion that’s often given a simple definition. The associations are accomplishments, tangible gains, and an antithesis to any kind of failure. For me, it’s too simplistic an idea — considering, for one, that we’re unable to see far enough into the future to […]

Every Challenge An Opportunity

In previous posts, I’ve discussed the grander goal(s) of my monthly challenges — developing a self-success framework and upgrading my operating system in doing so. This post will deal with the break down of the “how” question. Each month, starting last month, continuing through this one and through the end of the year (minus a […]

Upgrading My Operating System

Last month started my monthly challenges — where I take on a set of three challenges and analyze the results. The goals — in the categories of writing, health, and lifestyle — are all things I’d like to work on and accomplish (if possible), but the monthly challenges are not simply unto themselves. There is […]

February Challenge Results & Analysis

February began my year of monthly challenges (January was a planning month). I set three goals for myself: meditate for 30 minutes per day, increase my flat-footed squat hold time to 5 minutes, and write (and post) a short story. Below are the results of my challenges, followed by an analysis of these result and what […]