Learningz, September 17

September 17, 2013: Scientists are making some strides in understanding our genetic makeup — and just how diverse, evolving and fickle that can be. Check out this NYT article on the new science around DNA. All those years of marveling at how complex people can be from a simple DNA structure may not be all […]

Learningz, September 16

September 16, 2013: Some Monday morning inspiration! Science has founded that happiness levels aren’t the entire equation when it comes to living a good and happy life. They have found that having meaning in your life – something more to live for, is really the key. The author uses the example of Viktor Frankl, a […]

Learningz, September 13

September 13, 2013: Today would be the 97th anniversary of writer Roald Dahl! For anyone that’s a fan of his amazing stories (or not), here’s a compilation of some lessons he taught: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/13/roald-dahl-birthday-_n_3913346.html “those who don’t believe in magic will never find it“

Learningz, September 4

September 4, 2013: This past weekend a woman named Diane Nyad did an astounding thing. She became the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without any aid. Oh, and she’s 64. And she’s tried this feat four times before. Now, on her fifth try, she achieved her goal. Her accomplishment is beyond amazing […]

Learningz, September 3

September 3, 2013: Welcome back Zeople — hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend! Zirtual got some awesome press over the weekend, as we were featured in a Harvard Business Review article! The article centers around time management and resources to help people from being too busy. The author thinks we can help 🙂 Here’s […]

Learningz, August 27

August 27, 2013: Had a few folks let me know that yesterday’s Learningz was insightful, SO, I’m going to theme this week a bit. We’ll look at some other Quora posts. Quora is a Q & A site that allows experts and others to answer users questions. There’s some really great crowdsourced question and answers, and I’d […]

Learningz, August 26

August 26, 2013: Happy Monday Zeople! Came across this Quora post sometime last week and wanted to share it with you all. The question: What is the most important life lesson that you have learned up to this point? http://www.quora.com/Life-Lessons/What-is-the-most-important-life-lesson-that-you-have-learned-up-to-this-point Some really, really great lessons in there. I found myself thinking about the comic with the […]