Thiel (& friend) on Education

I caught Peter Thiel’s interview on Tim Ferriss podcast last night. It was, as expected, a thought-provoking Q & A from one of the more intelligent and experienced names in Silicon Valley. And while the whole 23 minutes is worthwhile, I wanted to blog on one part of it. Thiel is asked about education, a […]

Data Correlation, Education, and Cannabis

I can’t imagine this is the last time I’m going to see the contents of this article brought into discussion. I’ll sum it briefly: a study found that kids who smoked marijuana were significantly less likely to graduate high school and even less likely to graduate from college. The likelihood decreased with more consistent use […]

Read, Kids, Read

Saw that another ZA posted this on her page earlier and wanted to share with everyone. It really is a great article. Columnist Frank Bruni offers some sad new research on children’s reading habits and makes the case for improving these numbers. As he points out from scientific research, “reading and intelligence have a relationship so […]

Teacher Appreciation Day

Hey Zeople — it’s Teacher Appreciation Day today and it’s time to reflect on this wonderfully important people in our lives!Who was your best teacher? And how did they impact your life?Here’s some other (famous) folks discussing the impact of teachers on their lives: I really liked this one: Future Teacher,You are why the world […]

Learningz, March 11

Today I’m linking an article with some new findings on the state of ‘reading’ in modern life. Some interesting takeaways. More than one-quarter of those surveyed said they would rather surf the internet and use social media than read – rising to 56% among 18- to 30-year-olds. More than half of adults (56%) said they […]