Surround yourself with good people

Today, happy to see some self-reflection from my good friend, Nate.

I had the pleasure of traveling and working with Nate this year as we traveled around South America and saw his business grow just in those 2 months.

He’s one of the hardest working people I know — dedicated to refusing the charge of having to work all of your life in an office and instead carving your own path, traveling, and doing the kind of work that’s fun and challenging.

Seeing him succeed is so great, and I know he’ll be doing big things in the future.

You can follow him on Twitter here.

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Zirtual Learningz, May 30

May 30, 2013:

We’re all about the changing nature of work here at Zirtual.

One of those changes is simply in the idea that you shouldn’t be required to go to an office every day and sit in a cubicle in order to do your best work. Physical work environments are also shifting and that’s really being seen in the rise of co-working spaces.

(Which I can you tell you a lot of Zeople are fond of!)

Here’s an article from Forbes on the expansion of those spaces and how they’re not going anywhere