Read, Kids, Read

Saw that another ZA posted this on her page earlier and wanted to share with everyone. It really is a great article.

Columnist Frank Bruni offers some sad new research on children’s reading habits and makes the case for improving these numbers.

As he points out from scientific research, “reading and intelligence have a relationship so close as to be symbiotic.”

Any ideas on how we can get our children reading more?


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Learningz, July 29

July 29, 2013:

Great article today from Forbes on the cross between mindfulness and the education system.

How Yoga Could Help Keep Kids In School

I actually think that while the title is catchy it’s a bit misleading….Here’s more of an overview of the project:

Therefore, Bose and his colleagues have done what are also beginning to, combining movement and mindfulness into one program, called Transformative Life Skills (TLS), which incorporates elements of movement, attention training and relaxation skills. The 18-week program can be introduced to schools relatively cheaply. The research so far has shown that it can be extremely helpful in helping kids reduce levels of negative thinking, negative affect, revenge motivation, depression, emotional arousal, physical arousal, rumination, perceived-stress, attitudes toward violence; and it’s been associated with greater levels of self-control, tolerance for distress, and school engagement.