What I Bookmarked in 2013

I don’t bookmark too many sites. For articles, I try to throw them into Pocket. Other sites will get a note in the notebook or an email to a friend. For some reason, though, I don’t hit that star in Chrome too often. And when I do, there are a variety of folders that things […]

Learningz, September 17

September 17, 2013: Scientists are making some strides in understanding our genetic makeup — and just how diverse, evolving and fickle that can be. Check out this NYT article on the new science around DNA. All those years of marveling at how complex people can be from a simple DNA structure may not be all […]

“….one day everything will be a router”

Great Wired article from today on Open Garden and the possibility of an “always-network”. Connections made from tablets, phones, Glass or any other mobile device could be tethered and provide all those around wtih a constant connection. Thought the article’s title is a bit deceiving (it;s not really about the LHC, but rather about how […]