Living On | hyperlinked poetry series | #1

Let’s keep living on advices we love. Wrap ourselves In nothing cloths on summer evenings and lie about. Let’s stay put with grace. Or go on and on without punctuation We’ll do the whole damn ceremony without it. And forget prayer. Let’s renew vows in a garbage dump—or fake a break up Over the airport […]

Waxing [Poetically] Frank In Love

Some nights you find yourself happening back upon the words of your favorite poet and it’s pure bliss. This one to Vincent, from Frank. Notice the acrostic of it. “We’re all for the captured time of our being”–after all of that headlong movement like a train barreling on he comes to stillness; “captured time”. Ahhh, […]

And On The Day After Christmas

you see: a heel fastened to a throat a friend twisted inside out the piano flirtations you wrote postpone another cage you own. a traditional kiss falls flat with an ornament of prejudice. last night, we slept with the bends just a day after christmas your syndrome maps another pointless atlas. have you learned the […]

Now, New Year Things

On the east coast, we reconvene a drunken yesterday. sighs sift the seaboard snow flings unwanted decor on the pillared houses we head to bed before the world changes. We’ve left the eviction notice up the hate mail sits still in the yard scattered. We’ve chosen the next stage of life before sleeping it off […]