2018: In Review

Well, 2018 is stubbing out its cigar. Closing its chapter. It was an important chapter in my life. In the story of my life it’d be a chapter with a true character turn, a tension point in the plot. This year was a turn from a bit of normalcy into a great unknown. A great […]

2017: In Review

I’m a few days late to wrapping up 2017, but I think that will hardly matter in the grand scheme. This is my 5th year recapping, so happy to continue a good tradition. And, well, years usually seem to shift more on my birthday (January 9) then the Gregorian calendar (January 1st), but that’s not […]

Living On | hyperlinked poetry series | #1

Let’s keep living on advices we love. Wrap ourselves In nothing cloths on summer evenings and lie about. Let’s stay put with grace. Or go on and on without punctuation We’ll do the whole damn ceremony without it. And forget prayer. Let’s renew vows in a garbage dump—or fake a break up Over the airport […]

H1 Goal Review + Q3 Goal Planning

For the sake of ledger(ing), here’s a review of my H1 2017 goals and a listing of my Q3 2017 goals (all personal goals—professional goals excluded). H1 2017 Goals Buy less than H1 2016 — Success. I’m sure I’m missing a few variables (tracking reimbursable work spend, for instance), but my YoY spend through Q1 and […]

What I Bookmarked in 2013

I don’t bookmark too many sites. For articles, I try to throw them into Pocket. Other sites will get a note in the notebook or an email to a friend. For some reason, though, I don’t hit that star in Chrome too often. And when I do, there are a variety of folders that things […]

Book Recommendations, I

A lot of friends ask about book recommendations…..So I thought I’d publish a seres of posts with some commonly recommended reads. If you’re looking for…. …a novel everyone should read? East of Eden (J. Steinbeck) John Steinbeck was one of the most prolific American novelists who ever lived. He may take the cake on that […]