Zirtual Opens Up To Allow Anyone To Hire Their Own Virtual Assistants

TechCrunch covers Zirtual’s choice to open up for everyone!
Been an adventure up until this point — we’ll get to see it keep going with even more folks using the service!


Zirtual, which operates a marketplace to match up busy professionals with virtual executive assistants, is ready to go big. After three years of operating in invite-only mode, the company is opening up the floodgates to enable anyone to hire a virtual assistant for as little as $99 a month.

Zirtual was founded on the idea that even the busiest of professionals probably don’t need a dedicated assistant sitting at a desk for eight hours a day. And furthermore, that those assistants could better spend their time helping multiple clients.

By email, phone, or through Zirtual’s own dashboard, clients can assign tasks to assistants who help make their lives more efficient. Zirtual plans start at $99 a month for non-dedicated support and just 15, 15-minute tasks a month. For double that amount, clients get eight hours of dedicated support, as well as next-day turnaround on tasks.

The next two plans…

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